JRPG Character Pack


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JRPG Character Pack

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  • Автор Zliuka
  • Загружено 03.04.2020, 03:06
  • Последнее обновление 03.04.2020, 03:06
  • Категория Ресурсы
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This pack contains the following:

- Tilemaps and animations compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace (3 frame animation limit)

- 1 character template sprite, with limbs separated onto different pngs for the animated versions. Includes Aseprite files and tilemap png for template.

- 18 character sprites (including a Shiba Inu and Template Character!)

- 2 different variants of each character sprite and all animations to make sure they can work in your project: A softer, more natural outline and a hard black outline

- 2 tilemap pngs with all character sprites (one with black outlines and one without)

- 8-frame long animated walk cycles for the following directions: Up, Down, Left and Right

- A static sprite for each character facing the following directions: Up, Down, Left and Right

- Aseprite files for all character sprites

These characters would work great for a 2D modern RPG or Adventure game.

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