Sprite Height Modifier


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Sprite Height Modifier

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  • Автор Zliuka
  • Загружено 28.04.2022, 07:28
  • Последнее обновление 28.04.2022, 07:39
  • Категория Ресурсы
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RPG Maker MZ - Sprite Height Modifier

Function Overview
This plugin stretches character sprite’s height around the torso to make taller characters!. With this, you can change your characters to other body proportions without doing extra modification to the game assets.

*Note that as a possible side effect, when the character steps into a bush tile, the character may end up having more than half of its body becoming hidden, whereas default proportions only the feet get hidden.

■Conflict Reports
Due to the plugin redefining how the software processes things, it is recommended that the plugin gets put into the upper portion of the plugin list.
Also, please note that since this plugin alters walking graphics, it naturally may conflict with other plug-ins that also alters walking graphics.

The following is a list of known plug-in conflicts. If you wish to modify a plug-in, please follow the terms and conditions regulated by the distributor.

・Keke_KageMaster.js Kage Master (by Keke) v3.1
[MV/Conflict Avoidable] Place this plugin (TN_SpriteExtender.js) onto the upper side of the plugin list, and modify the 1081st line code of plugin Keke_KageMaster.js to the following:
Original: var frameWidth = ori._frame.width;
Revision: var frameWidth = ori.patternWidth ? ori.patternWidth() : ori._frame.width;

・SAN_ResidualSprites.js Afterimage sprites (by Sanshiro) v1.02
[MV/Conflict Avoidance Difficult] Plugin SAN_ResidualSprites.js itself does not have the function to generate afterimages of characters as they enter bush tiles, so as a result after images will not be generated when used with this plug-in. This is due to this plugin works by extending the bush graphics to support taller proportions.

・MV3D.js / MZ3D.js (by Cutievirus)
[MV and MZ: Conflict Avoidance Difficult] It is difficult to co-exist with this plugin due to its massive modifications to the base functions of RPG Maker. The processing methods are written in a way that is difficult to comprehend by other developers and thus making finding workarounds very difficult..

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