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Witch & Cobwebs почти доделан. Остались детали.

Чейнджлог давно был написан. Вот он (с кривым английским, правда):

-invisible SV battlers bug;
-bug that doesn't allows to get web ending (changed script);
-cocooned SV battlers glitch;
-passable Caves walls bug;

FOREST GLOBAL MAP (kill some spiders or complete mirror quest to enter the global map)
FOREST LOCATION (marked as tree, has its own monsters)
ELF CITY LOCATION (Find girl NPC it the forest to start the quest)

-changed cocooning mechanic: enemy can cocoon up by damaging cobwebbed character;
-Cobwebbed, Cocooned & Mummified characters can use Guard.

-Added Beaphi, the Elf Rogue - high level character which have Fighter, Witch and Herbalist skills;
-Added second fighter, Sima;
-Kvashunya becomes Herbalist - healer mage;
-Darva is still Witch, but lost all healing skills;
-Lebeda & Sima has skill, which allows them to free allies from Cobwebbed and Cocooned states (requires equipped sword);
-Lebeda got Double Strike skill;
-Darva has no Scarf item now.

-Changed system of potion making;
-While Kvashunya in the party, you can search locations for some new items.


-Silk Devils now wandering in the Caves (another underground location, enter at Kvashunya's Basement);
-One of Grand Spiders in Caves destroys all Acid, and activates Web Ending without fight;
-Two chests added to house interior;
-Rewritten dialogues.

-Lab shows message, when you touch it without Kvashunya or Darva in your party;
-Added little variaty of actions, that player can do after killing spiders in the dungeon (Mirror quest OR Cave quest);

-You can get Mirror quest even while Kvashunya in party.


-Now naked Kvashunya and Darva shown up, when you release them from cocoons;
-Added facesets, which indicating Cobwebbed, Cocooned, Latexed and Mirror World states.
-Added Mummified state - same as Cobwebbed, but can be removed only by quests. Added sprites and faceset, which indicating Mummified.
-Many, many changes in monsters stats (as example Aphro Spiders gains less damage from Fire magic);
-slightly decreased volume of Magic Bolt's SE;
-Changed animation of returning from Mirror World;
Потом будет демка с Четвёртой в главной роли (надо стелс сделать, часть с экипировкой уже сделана и даже протестирована). Затем Нима! Главное не забыть о ней, пока ящики делаю.

А то бывает всякое.

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