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    Новичок Аватар для Cherry
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    По умолчанию

    I don't have a resolution patch, just a bigger-sprites patch (see below)

    Here are some postings by myself and MagicMaker at several forums, about patches (mostly by myself ^^)

    Цитата Сообщение от Cherry
    Hello! As I saw, the german RM community (my home) knows much more patches for the RM2k(3) than the english does. So now I'll bring to you four great patches, made by myself, Cherry.

    1. 100-Pics-Patch for RM2k3

    DOWNLOAD for RM2k3 version 1.04
    DOWNLOAD for RM2k3 version 1.08

    Цитата Сообщение от How to use the patch
    Just replace your RPG_RT.EXE with this one.

    You have to patch the RPG2003.EXE too:

    Open it in Resource Hacker (http://www.snapfiles.com/get/resourcehacker.html), then go to RCDATA --> TFORMEVCMD11110 --> 0. Then scroll downwards to "MaxValue = 50" (version 1.08) or "MaxValue = 40" (version 1.04) and change it to "MaxValue = 100". Then click "Compile Script". Do the same with RCDATA --> TFORMEVCMD11120 --> 0 and RCDATA --> TFORMEVCMD11130 --> 0 and then click File --> Save.

    2. Better Auto Enter Patch for RM2k and RM2k3

    Download Patch (625 KB): http://cherrytree.at/downloads/betteraep.rar
    Download Demo Project (321 KB): http://cherrytree.at/downloads/betteraep_demo.rar

    Цитата Сообщение от How to use the patch
    This patch includes everything you need for creating your own title screen
    > The standard title screen will be skipped, the game starts directly at the start map.
    > You can call the load menu from an event script.
    > You can exit the game from an event script.
    > BetterAEP is a stand-alone patch. You don't need any other patch to get it working. If you want to combinate it with another patch, apply BetterAEP at first.

    To call the loading menu or exit the game, the event command "Stop Parallel Events" (or "Stop Event" in some versions) and the variable no. 3350 is used. This variable has been chosen, because most of the games don't use it.

    If variable no. 3350 contains the value 1 when "Stop Parallel Events" is called, the load menu will pop up. If it contains the value 2, the game will quit. If it contains any other value, the standard "Stop Parallel Events" command will be executed.

    3. CharExpand Patch for RM2k

    Download: http://cherrytree.at/downloads/cep.rar


    Цитата Сообщение от How to use the patch
    The CharExpand Patch lets you use bigger charsets in RPG Maker 2000. A charsets now may be up to 1024x768 pixels. It may contain a standard charset (8 chars, with all face directions and all steps, total size: 288x256), 1 bigger char with all face directions (up to 256x256 per sprite) and steps or 1 sprite (up to 1024x768; so you can use charsets like pictures). For exapmles, look in the charset folder of the demo game.

    To install the patch, execute the file "Patcher.exe", open a RPG_RT.EXE (version 1.07) and click "Patch".

    To tell the patch, how big a sprite actually is, a filename prefix is used.


    XX and YY are width and height of one sprite, divided by 4.

    %0812People.png -> One sprite has a size of (8*4)x(12*4) = 32x48 pixels, if the file contains one full char, the total size is 96x192 pixels.

    Other chars than numbers are treated like "0". So "%A41B" will be treated like "%0410": 16x40.

    In RPG Maker you should always use the first char of the charset if you use expanded chars. If you want to use a charset containing only one sprite like a picture, use "Fixed Graphic" mode with face direction "up" and step status "left" (see also the demon event in the demo).

    I'm sorry, but the patch has some restrictions too.

    1. Unfortunately (I haven't found the mistake yet :'-( ), if you use the patch, all three vehicles (skiff, ship and airship) will appear at all maps at tile 0/0. Use a blank charset for vehicles to avoid this.

    2. Half-transparent terrains don't work with expanded chars. Graphical waste will be displayed (standard chars can step through as usual).

    3. Because of the bigger charsets, some problems with priorities (espicially with the upper layer tiles) arise. You can avoid this either by tricky mapping or by using standard chars for uncontrolled moving events (like the hero or events with random movement).

    4. You can (as usual) "speak" with the tile, where the event stands on, only (for example: if you have a big monster, the hero will not be able to interact with its feet by pressing ENTER.)

    5. If you use my patch, your game will need a bit more power.

    6. Please do NEVER use charsets with a "%" as first char in filename, but a filename lenght less than 5 (like "%OPA")!! This will let your game crash!

    I hope, I have helped some people with this (I think, espicially the possibility of using charsets like pictures is interesting)!

    4. PicPointerPatch for RM2k and RM2k3

    Download: http://cherrytree.at/downloads/ppp.rar

    Цитата Сообщение от How to use the patch
    The PicPointerPatch, as the name says, lets you use pointers at picture IDs (this means, the destination ID of a Show, Move or Erase Picture command can be choosen at runtime, using a variable). It's very easy to use, if you want to use a fix ID, enter it normally (e.g. Show Picture [7], cloud.png), if you want to get the ID from a variable, use 10000+VarID als picture ID (e.g. Change Variable [208], 7; Show Picture [10208], cloud.png <<< same effect as Show Picture [7], cloud.png). If the variable contains an illegal value, you will get an error.

    This also works with transparecy and magnification of pictures at Show and Move Picture commands!

    The second important feature (new in version 2) is - you can also make the FILENAME of the picture be choosen through a variable.

    If you use 50000+VarID as picture ID...
    a) as explained above, the real picture ID will be read out of variable [VarID]
    B) a file number will be read out of variable [VarID+1] - the last 4 chars of the picture filename will be replaced with that number

    Some useful examples:

    <> Show Picture 2, (160, 120), Item_0000
    This command shows, as usual, the image "Item_0000" as picture no. 2.

    <> Change Variable [0208], 9 set
    <> Show Picture 10208, (160, 120), Item_0000
    This will show the image "Item_0000" as picture no. 9.

    Now look:
    <> Change Variable [0208], 14 set
    <> Change Variable [0209], 83 set
    <> Show Picture 50208, (160, 120), Item_0000
    This will show the image "Item_0083" (!) as picture no. 14!

    IMPORTANT: The filename should have space for this number! A example how it should NOT be: If you would the example above using a picture "Blue Dragon", the RPG Maker would try to load a file called "Blue Dr0083"! You would get a "File not found" error then.

    Another thing: Everything, the patch can not process, it will hand over to the RPG Maker. So - for exmaple - if you use 10500 as picture ID though this variable is unused, the patch hands this over to the RPG Maker, which would try to show a picture with ID 10500 - this would result in an error.

    A practical expamle is attached as demo game (just look into the folder "Demospiel"). It's a number display with 6 digits - this only needs 15 event commands! Just open it in your RPG Maker and look at the event (the comments are in german, just ignore them).

    The use of this patch? If you didn't understand it until now, I feel sorry for you. But I'll help you: number displays, item/skill/equip menus, etc. - with PicPointerPatch Version 2 you can do all these things in very short time!

    At all, who are angry now, because their item menu took them months: SORRY! ;-)

    >>>>> HOW TO INSTALL THE PATCH <<<<<<
    1. open Lips.exe
    2. click at "Apply IPS Patch"
    3. choose version (RM2k or RM2k3)
    4. choose the target RPG_RT.EXE (choose "All files" at the bottom right to see it)

    But - the RPG Maker doesn't allow you to use that high picture IDs! So we have to patch the RPG2000.EXE/RPG2003.EXE too.

    1. create a backup of your RPG Maker, so you can restore it, if you destroy it.
    2. start Resource Hacker (available here: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/) and open your RPG2000.EXE/RPG2003.EXE file.
    3. go to RCDATA\TFORMEVCMD11110\0.
    4. look for the line "MaxValue = 20" (RM2k) or "MaxValue = 50" (RM2k3) and replace the 20/50 with 100000. Do the same with the two lines "MaxValue = 100" below. Then click at "Compile Script" and save the file (File>Save).
    5. Do the same with RCDATA\TFORMEVCMD11120\0.
    6. Do the same with RCDATA\TFORMEVCMD11130\0 too, but here you have to change the line "MaxValue = 20"/"MaxValue = 50" only.
    7. Save and close.

    At the end a little tip:

    Transparency values above 100% can cause very interesting effects. For example - with 400% transparency the image will be displayed with inverted colors (as I could see)!

    5. UnlockPics-Patch for the RM2k and RM2k3

    Download: http://cherry1.ch.funpic.de/download/unlockpics.rar

    Цитата Сообщение от How to use the patch
    Normally, RPG Maker halts event processing at a show/move/erase picture command when a message box is active. This patch deactivates this behavior. So you are able to create animated faces and much more. Just run the patcher and patch your RPG_RT.EXE file.
    Please respond in english or german.

    greetings, Cherry
    Цитата Сообщение от MagicMaker
    The German Community is famous for some things, one of them are the Tools and Patches for RPG2000 and RPG2003. Most of them are by Cherry, a young guy from Austria. I present you the ultimate Tool list here at Crisis!

    Important: In the List are also a many Tools from other countries than DE/AT/CH.

    Harmony Replacements (Replace "Harmony.dll")

    Ineluki's Tastenpatch (Ineluki's Key Patch) - by Ineluki - 100% legal
    Supports RPG2000 1.10 or older and RPG2003 1.04 or older.
    - Every Key on the Keyboard can be used in the Game
    - Using the Mouse and show a picture like a cursor on the Mouse position in the Game
    - Open external Programs for more functions like Screenshotting
    - MP3 Support with .link.wav-Files (and WMA)

    Disharmony - by derula - 100% legal
    Supports RPG2000 1.10 or older and RPG2003 1.04 or older.
    - Play MP3, WMA and OGG files + TRACKER files (XM, S3M, IT, MOD, (...?))
    - Set Loop Points for MP3, WMA and OGG
    - .link.wav-Files like Ineluki CAN be used, but need not to be used
    - You can do it with other double extensions like mp3.wav, wma.wav, ogg.wav
    - Fade-in and Fade-out
    - Connectable with Ineluki's Keypatch

    Patches that need a patch that can execute Programs

    Screenshot Tool - by Miroku - 100% legal
    - Shoot the actual Game Screen and save in Picture folder
    - Automatically 8-bit (256 colors) reducing for use in the Game

    Second Sound System - by Cherry - 100% legal
    It's an RPG_RT.exe File, rename the original Game-RPG_RT to: RPG_RT_REAL.dat
    Play MID, RMI, MOD, IT, XM, S3M, SGT and FSB files with .script.wav-Files by using "Ineluki's Keypatch"

    Retest - by Manuel - 100% legal
    Miroku's Screenshot Tool does everytime saving the same picture (Template.png), with Retest you can rename it.

    Power Patch Compact 0.85Alpha - by Cherry - 100% legal
    "Compact" Version of "Power Patch" (see below).
    - Save or Load a Game directly
    - Complex variable calculation
    - Change Titlescreen and GameOver-Picture when the Game is running
    - Changing Game Scene (like $scene = ... in RGSS)
    - much more, see in the PDF File

    Patches that change the RPG2000.exe/RPG2003.exe

    V2-Patch - by PhoenixX_2
    Changes the Font in the "Show Message" Window of RPG2000 so you can see better when a line ends.

    HyperRM2K - by Cherry - IPS File
    Patches the RPG2000 1.05 english to a hacked german Editor Version (called 1.10c) and a few more things.
    - Variable values from -99,999,999 to 99,999,999 (Trying to change a Var with F9-Debug can cause problems)
    - 500,000 Vars, Switches, Heroes, Items, ...
    - 100 Pictures in "Show Picture", "Move Picture" and "Delete Picture" (only works with a picture-patched RPG_RT like with "Destiny Patcher")
    - Rotation and Ripple of Pictures can Values from -20 to 20, so you can stop rotation/rippling it with 0 or reverse it
    - Battle Animations can have up to 10,000 Frames

    Patches that change the RPG_RT.exe

    Enter Hero Name Fix (RPG2000 1.05) - by Deejee
    Fixing the Problem when you can't enter a new for the Hero. Attention! It have Bugs.

    Font Changer - by Cherry
    Change the fonts that are used in the game and test/preview them without saving.

    Hyper Patcher 1 1.3 - by Cherry
    Change diverse properties like:
    - The Position of the Title Menu to any other that you want
    - Reducing and recolering the Main Menu Entries
    - Deactivate showing of HP and Level in the Load/Save Menu
    - .....

    Hyper Patcher 2 DEMO - by Cherry
    This Tool is many tools in one and many new features, but it's still in Development. In the Demo you can pimp the Pictures supported by RPG_RT up to 9999 in RPG_RT 1.07 (2000), in every other version up to 126 pics. You also can switch the layers of Pictures and Battle Animations. More features:
    - Change Game Title and FullPackage-Flag
    - Start Game with Parameters (TestPlay/NormalPlay/BattleTest, ShowTitle/HideTitle, Window/FullScreen)
    - Secure save the Project to prevent Damage at the Game
    - Export Maps as Pictures
    - Changing Fonts that are used by the Game

    DestinyPatcher - by Bananen-Joe
    Supports RPG_RTs from RPG2000 1.05 and 1.07. This Patch give RPG2000 an own Scripting Language, Commands can be entered with the "Comment" / "Note" EventCommand. Also you can change many things and properties in RPG_RT.exe like Logo-skipping or change the Game Keys.

    100 Pictures Patch 2003 1.08 - by Cherry
    RPG_RT.exe file Version 1.08 with 100 Pictures support.

    Maker Ultimative - by Miroku
    Change a few properties of the Game and include Mouse Control (laggy and buggy).

    Power Mode 2003 - by Intense
    Skip Title, Rotate Pictures by X degree, additionally mathematical functions, using all keys and the mouse, using many sound file formats (OGG, MOD, IT, MP2, ...) and many other things.

    Item & Event Pointer Patch - by Cherry
    Supports RPG_RT 1.07 from RPG2000.
    Item and Event targets can be desired by Variable values.
    Demo Project: http://cherrytree.at/downloads/i&epp_demo.rar


    Force Harmony - by Bananen-Joe & Cherry
    Supports RPG2000VALUE! and RPG2003 above 1.04.
    The RPG_RT.exe want to use again a Harmony.dll, so you can use all Harmony Patches with the newest RPG2000 and RPG2003 Versions. Also MIDI-Playback is like in RPG2000 (skip empty begin) but you will lose the standard MP3 support.
    English Version is linked above, here the german: http://cherry1.ch.funpic.de/forceharmony_deutsch.rar

    Save-Load-Script - by VampireOfEternalChaos
    Make your own Save and Loadmenu. You can also choose freely the number of Save States and the file extension.

    Auto Enter Patch - by Miroku
    Old Prototype of skipping the Title, you should use BetterAEP (scroll up).

    Power Patch 0.43b - by Cherry - 100% legal
    Supports ALL Versions of RPG2000 and RPG2003. Read out Variables, using LUA as Scripting Language, an so on...
    Old Versions:
    - 0.42b: http://cherry1.ch.funpic.de/pp042.rar
    - 0.41: http://cherry1.ch.funpic.de/pp041.rar
    - 0.3a: http://cherry1.ch.ohost.de/powerp/Po...v0.3_Alpha.zip

    Power Patch 0.85 - by Cherry - 100% legal
    Still in Development and only for Beta Testers. Many new Features are awaiting you.

    RPG2000 Debugger - by sue445
    Debugging Tool with Map Viewer, Event Viewer, CSV Exporter and Searching Tool. Original in Japanese, mostly english translation by Cherry, you can also download the continued translation of it in the Download Section.

    RPG2000 SaveEditor - by sue445
    Debbuging Tool for Save States (Save**.lsd), you can change EVERYTHING in the files. Original in Japanese, mostly english translation by Cherry.

    RPG2000 ImageConverter - by sue445 - 100% legal
    Tool for converting Images between the formats that RPG2000 and RPG2003 can read, also including XYZ.

    Map Exporter - by Cherry - 100% legal
    A tool for saving Maps as pictures, a bit buggy in correct showing of Autotiles and can't render Events. It has also problems with saving RPG2003 Maps, for example when you used the Dungeon Generator.

    Tools Collection - by derula - 100% legal
    Credits Maker 2000, Gamedisk Studio, Link Maker 2000, Image Coverter 2000, Image Positioner 2000 and Project Runner 2000, all are by derula. The Link links you to the Tools website where the Download links are located.

    Map Tree Creator - by Cherry - 100% legal
    RED ALERT Tool for RPG2000 and RPG2003. If you get a MapTree Data Break, with this tool on your Hard Drive, your Project is not lost! It creates a new LMT file and you can continue working. BUT!: Many Data that the MapTree has saved can not be revived. After creating a new LMT, you must renovating your Project, for Example name and order the Maps again.

    RM Tool - by Comet Studios - 100% legal
    Searching for unused material in a project to clean it.

    Spiffster - by Don Miguel - 100% legal
    Material Management with Preview Function (Charsets are animated). Can also find Trash files like the "RM Tool" can.

    PortableRPG2000 - by NicQtin - 100% legal
    You can take your RPG2000 with you on an USB Stick to another Computer and need not to install it or the RTP there.

    AnotherFullscreenMode - by Cherry - 100% legal
    You can play in Fullscreen mode with your normal screen resolution, for example my one: I can play on 1024x768, the Monitor will not go down to 640x480. You also can turn on a "Show FPS" function in TestPlay.

    Easy Event Exporter - by Cherry - 100% legal
    Exports Events or parts of them to Text.

    Battle Event Exporter 1.1 - by Cherry - 100% legal
    Converts Battle Events in the Clipboard to Normal Events (the other way round too).

    DreaMaker - by King Kadelfek - 100% legal
    Extracts all dialogs from a Game to Text. You can change/translate it and import it later.

    There are many more little and big Tools and patches but the most important things are in this

    Other tools, like No-Row (removes row command in RM2k3), NoAutoBattle (removes autobattle choice in RM2k3) and PicsInBattle (allows pictures in battle), you can find here: http://cherrytree.at/download

    There is also a tool for batch creation of events:

    Цитата Сообщение от Cherry
    RMEventFactory is a batch tool for creating RPG Maker 2000/2003 events. You can create events by reproducing a template and replacing values. You can also read values from CSV files. RMEventFactory is targetted to advanced RPG Maker users.

    RMEventFactory will scan the template for special values and replace them by the result of a formula. You can also embed formulas and commands in strings, like messages (”Show Message”).

    This way you can easily create a bunch of chest events (with different switches, and the right items and messages) or a list of “Change Variable” commands to set the stats of your CBS’ enemies, read out of a CSV file.

    Plus, you can save event data to a file and later load it back (so you can also send events over the internet to other people), export events to text (? EasyEventExporter) or convert events to other types – map event to battle event, for example (? Battle Event Converter).

    A detailed english manual and some examples are included.

    In the example, which is currently opened in the screen, the option "Produce event script" is used to reproduce a "Conditional Branch" and change its values, so that at the end you have an event which can calculate a variable's sine (multiplied by 100.000).

    Download: http://cherrytree.at/download/?did=11
    Best regards,
    Cherry = CherryDT | http://cherrytree.at

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    Первый пользователь Аватар для Рольф
    Информация о пользователе
    Южно- Сахалинск/Пенза
    Записей в дневнике
    Репутация: 103 Добавить или отнять репутацию

    По умолчанию

    Заглох или выходят новые версии?

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    По умолчанию

    Ну так автор теперь работает над официальным мейкером.

    Dropbox — бесплатное хранилище файлов с прямыми ссылками.

    Humble Bundle — игры, подборки и наборы со скидками.

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    Первый пользователь Аватар для Рольф
    Информация о пользователе
    Южно- Сахалинск/Пенза
    Записей в дневнике
    Репутация: 103 Добавить или отнять репутацию

    По умолчанию

    Ну и что прокачает офицалку? или минимум исправлений?

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    Познающий Аватар для Deme
    Информация о пользователе
    Записей в дневнике
    Репутация: 4 Добавить или отнять репутацию

    По умолчанию

    Вроде бы на его сайте написано, что планируется новая лицензия для официального редактора, которая будет разрешать патчи:
    Цитата Сообщение от http://cherrytree.at/cms/
    Also, I talked with Degica about the patching/modding issue, and there will be modifications to the EULA, and a special “patch EULA” will be created soon. I can’t go into details yet, but I think you are going to like it.

    Кроме того, я поговорил с Degic’овцами о проблеме патчей/модов, и в лицензии будут изменения, скоро будет создана специальная «лицензия для патчей». Я пока что не могу сказать подробнее, но, думаю, вам понравится.
    Последний раз редактировалось Deme; 06.05.2015 в 16:34.
    «quī legis ista, tuam reprehendō, mea laudās // omnia, stultitiam; / nihil, invidiam» (Jōhannis Audoenī)
    'Ты, кто читает это: я порицаю, если ты хвалишь у меня // всё, твою глупость; / если ничего — твою злобу.' (Джон Оуэн)

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    Познающий Аватар для Kolhe
    Информация о пользователе
    Записей в дневнике
    Репутация: 27 Добавить или отнять репутацию

    По умолчанию

    Он давно его уже заморозил (но не забросил) сделав упор на DynRPG. А с официальным релизом, да, теперь трудится над самим редактором.

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